Top 10 Advantages of an iPhone Over Android in 2022

The vast majority of users choose Android phones due to the numerous hardware and software customization options available. If you ask someone to recommend a good smartphone for you, they will almost certainly recommend an iPhone over an Android device. So, what are the advantages of an iPhone over an Android device? In this essay, I’ll go through ten reasons why you should choose an iPhone over an Android smartphone.

If you traverse across the Internet, you are likely to come across loads of Android fanboys making some pretty unflattering statements about iPhone users, or iPhone fans saying negative things about Android users.
But frivolous altercation aside, what are the advantages of iPhone over Android phones?
The short answer: The iPhone is user-friendly, has a sleek design, and it is very fast as far as its browsing speed is concerned. However, certain Android fanboys can’t really understand why people like Apple’s operating system, iOS.

What are Benefits of iPhone over android?

If you ask iPhone users this question, they will most likely point out Apple’s Cleaner interface and design, data privacy, security or how simple it is to get an iPhone working right out of the box, or that they don’t need to take the time to customize a new phone extensively.

They also love features such as iMessage, or they like some of the native apps that come pre-installed on a new iPhone, such as Books or Health. Now, let’s look at the major advantages of iPhone over Android.

1. iPhones are faster

If you’re thinking of buying a newer iPhone, know that the A12 Bionic chip inside beats anything from the Android camp. For example, the iPhone XS beat the Galaxy S10 Plus’ Snapdragon 855 chip in Geekbench 4, which measures overall performance. The gap is narrower than it has been in the past, thanks to the Snapdragon 855 processor that will power this year’s leading Android phones, but the iPhone XS scored a higher 11,420 to the 855-powered Galaxy S10 Plus’ 10,732.

iPhones are faster

We’ve also found that the latest iPhones can transcode video faster in our editing test, with the iPhone XS taking just 39 seconds, compared to nearly 2.5 minutes for the Galaxy S10. This speed difference also makes enjoying demanding augmented-reality apps a smoother experience.

2. Ease of use

People love to say Apple products, “just work.” It’s certainly true that the iOS interface is easy to use. But so is the Android interface. Frankly, if you can use one, you won’t have trouble using the other.

Sure, ages ago, when the iPhone first appeared and Windows Mobile and Nokia Symbian phones were the competition, the iPhone blew them away. That was then. This is now.

Today, all phone interfaces are better than they were then and easier to use. The key difference, to me, is control. Android smartphones give you much more control over your phone and its applications than Apple phones do. I like control. If you’re happy with what Apple gives you — this is your home screen; add a photo if you want to be an individual — good for you, but I like being allowed to set up my phone just the way I want it. Android phones let me do that.

3. iPhone is easier to use than Android

The iPhone is simple and is one of the easiest phones to use. The iPhone’s user interface is so simple and straightforward that you can easily reach your endpoint destination. The best thing about iOS is that there isn’t much to learn about it, making it better than Android devices.

iPhone is easier to use than Android

Whereas Android is full of customizations that cause the problem as it creates a learning curve for their users, which is sometimes frustrating. iOS has a user interface that is so basic that there is essentially no learning curve. The home screen of iOS devices is easy and simple to use.

The design of the iPhone is simple; that’s what the Apple users love most about it. The best thing about the iPhone is that no matter which Apple mobile device you use, the device’s experience is consistent. It is yet another reason why the iPhone is superior to Android.

On the contrary, an Android device follows a specific procedural value. Thus it’s difficult for numerous non-tech users to interpret. So this is the reason why people mostly choose iPhones over Android.

4. Timely and instant updates

When it comes to software updates, iOS is quite responsible. They know their device and potential very well and know what they can handle and what they can’t handle. iOS publishes updates when necessary and allows you to install those updates immediately.

Timely and instant updates

Even if your device is not eligible for those upgrades, the user interface runs and operates smoothly. The old template doesn’t get the updates for some of the newer iOS releases because it hasn’t been created to enable those functionalities. The Old iOs like iPhone 7,8, or iPhone SE Also Provides latest updates. . iOS knows their device and its potential very well. It provides timely updates to its users. This is No 1 Point advantages of an iPhone over an Android device.

On the other side, the update process in Android isn’t as smooth as iOS. Only Google’s products, such as the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a, receive direct updates, and sometimes they also fail to receive upgrades promptly. All the manufacturers must obtain the update, work on it, optimize it for their device, and then distribute it. In many cases, carriers are also required to go through them as well. Hence, in terms of updates, iPhone phones are far better than Android phones.

5. Security

When it comes to security, it’s not so much that Android has problems, it’s that Google is more lax than Apple about what applications it allows into its app store. The best way to keep malware off your Android gadget is to only get apps from the Google Play store. Even so, Google reports that 0.16% of all apps contain malware.


If you’re an iPhone user, don’t get too cocky, though. There is iPhone malware out there just waiting for an overconfident user to download.

Generally speaking, iPhones are inherently more secure. If, that is, you think you can trust Apple with your privacy. While Google gets a lot of grief for not being trustworthy with personal data, not everyone finds Apple trustworthy either. For instance, Apple recently admitted that iOS 15 recorded users’ Siri conversations in some cases.

6. Battery life and charging

Battery life is hard to judge because Android phone models are so different from one another. In my experience, largely with Samsung, Google, and Motorola phones, Android phones don’t need to be recharged as often as iPhones. Your charging may vary, so let’s call this a draw, depending on the phone in hand and how you use it.

7. OS updates when you want them

This is going to hurt a little, Android fanboys. As of February 2019, a whopping 83 percent of all iOS devices introduced in the last 4 years were using iOS 12, according to Apple. Google hasn’t even published adoption rate numbers for the latest Android Pie as of April 2019. And it took about a year for the older Android Oreo to get to just 19 percent penetration.

8. You can update iOS in iPhone whenever you want

Another major advantage of iPhone over android is that you can update iOS in iPhone whenever you want. According to a recent report, about 80% of iOS devices were running iOS 14 – the latest version of Apple’s OS while Google reported that Android was 4.9% of the Android devices. The report further indicated that most Android users are still running the older versions of Android OS.

9. Cloud integration

Apple’s iCloud continues to be an enormous pain for me, no matter whether I’m trying to use it on an iPhone or a Mac. It always fouls up. And I’m not the only one who has trouble with iCloud.

Cloud integration

Android, however, is tightly integrated with Google’s applications and services. I use Google apps all the time for work and fun. When it comes to cloud integration, there’s no question about it: Android is the one to beat.

10. Apple provides the best Support

In general, both iPhone and Android phones work pretty well and, for day-to-day use, don’t usually malfunction. However, everything breaks down once in a while, and when that Happens, how you get support is very important.
If you have a problem with Android phone, you can search online forums or reach out to your carrier. But with the iPhone, you can tap into a vast database of useful help articles on Apple’s website itself and can get help via live chat or you can even make a genius bar reservation at your favorite Apple Store and get help from an Apple expert. Google still doesn’t offer this sort of direct relationship with its customers.

So Here our Article About advantages of an iPhone over an Android device.

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