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Updated : January 19, 2023

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Despite having numerous built-in security and safety protections, android devices continue to be vulnerable to various types of malicious and cyber threats.
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About AppLock

Applock is a digital security application that provides users with an extra layer of protection for their smartphones or tablets. This cutting-edge technology allows users to protect their personal data by requiring authentication in order to open any app or folder on the device. With AppLock, users no longer have to worry about unauthorized access and can easily prevent others from accessing their confidential information.

The AppLock software is designed with user convenience in mind. It is easy to use and can be quickly enabled with a single click. Once activated, all apps and folders are protected, allowing users to securely store sensitive information without worrying about someone else gaining access. Additionally, the program supports multiple languages so that it can be used by people across the globe regardless of the language barrier. Furthermore, AppLock also offers advanced features like facial recognition and fingerprint unlocking for added security.

What is AppLock?

AppLock is an app security system that locks down specific apps on your phone or tablet. It provides users with a layer of protection, allowing them to set up a passcode and prevent anyone from accessing their sensitive data without permission. This can be especially useful for those who use shared devices, as it prevents others from accessing personal information such as emails, photos and videos.

The AppLock system works by either locking individual apps or all the apps on a device at once. Once locked, only authorized users will have access to the selected applications. Additionally, AppLock offers additional features such as fingerprint authentication and time-based access restrictions which add an extra layer of security to the application locking process. With these features in place, unauthorized users are prevented from accessing any of the locked apps even if they know the passcode or unlock pattern used for unlocking phones and tablets.

AppLock Features

AppLock is an app that provides users with a secure way to lock their private apps and prevent unauthorized access. With its easy-to-use features, AppLock allows users to protect their personal data from anyone who has access to their device.

AppLock’s main feature is the ability to create passwords or patterns for individual apps. This way, users can ensure that no one else can open their apps without entering the correct password or pattern. Additionally, AppLock offers additional security measures like fingerprint and facial recognition that add an extra layer of protection for users.

Beyond its security features, AppLock also comes with a few extra tools that make it easier to manage your phone in general. It includes features like auto-start management which lets you control which apps start automatically when you turn on your device and privacy advisor which helps you identify potentially dangerous permissions granted by installed apps.

Smart Lock Options to Enjoy

Smart locks are an increasingly popular way to keep your home secure, and the AppLock is one of the most advanced options on the market. With this smart lock, you can enjoy all the benefits of a traditional deadbolt lock with added convenience and security.

The AppLock allows you to control who has access to your home from anywhere in the world with a smartphone or tablet. You’ll never have to worry about forgetting your keys again or leaving them inside ever again!

The AppLock eliminates concerns about lost or stolen keys by allowing for multiple levels of access through downloadable apps for iOS and Android devices. You can also set up a series of user codes so that only those who know each code will be able to gain entry. Plus, its sleek design is available in various colors and finishes so it can easily blend into any home décor.

Vault and Different Locks Mechanism

Keeping your possessions safe is a top priority for any homeowner. Whether it’s keeping confidential documents, valuables, or other belongings secure, there are many different locks and mechanisms available to help protect what you own. One popular locking mechanism is AppLock, which uses an app to create a vault that keeps your items safe.

AppLock allows users to store their personal information in the form of passwords, pins, fingerprint scans and facial recognition software. This application creates a secure vault using strong encryption technology that is difficult to crack. It also provides additional features such as remote access control and two-factor authentication for added security. With this locking mechanism, all sensitive data stored in the vault is encrypted with end-to-end protection ensuring no one else can gain access without permission from the user.

Smart Locks and Hiding Icons for Safety

Smart locks and hiding apps are two of the best ways to keep your phone secure. AppLock is a new app that helps you protect your phone from intruders by using smart lock technology. It also allows you to hide icons, so no one can see what apps you have installed on your device.

With AppLock, users can easily set up a pattern or PIN in order to unlock their phones, which prevents others from accessing the device without permission. The app also offers an array of other features, such as fingerprint scanning and facial recognition for added security. Additionally, it has the ability to hide certain applications from being seen in the ‘recently used’ list on Android devices. This means that unwanted snoopers won’t know if you have important messaging or banking apps installed on your phone.


The conclusion of this article on AppLock is that it is an incredibly useful and necessary tool for any smartphone user. It allows you to protect sensitive information with a password, prevent unauthorized access to apps, and keep your data secure. AppLock also makes sure that you are the only one who can access your personal information by locking down specific apps or folders. With its easy-to-use interface and customizable settings, AppLock offers robust protection for your mobile device.

Overall, AppLock provides a reliable way to maintain privacy on your phone while allowing you to use it without worry or fear of others accessing your personal data. Whether you want to keep prying eyes away from private photos or just want some extra security when using public Wi-Fi networks, AppLock has got you covered. It’s the perfect solution for anyone looking for better control over their digital life!

How To Download AppLock

Android is, for the most part, an open platform. You can use the Google Play Store to install apps and games or you can go off the reservation and install APKs on your own. By default, Android disables APK installations for security reasons. To Download any Third Party apk you need to enabled Apk installation on your device. Follow the instruction below :

  • First, Download AppLock Apk File.
  • Open your phone's settings menu
  • Tab Security.
  • Tap on "Install unknown apps."
  • Enable the toggle next to “Allow from this source.”
  • Go Back to Apk File (you download few times ago)
  • Double Click on AppLock Apk
  • Tab Install & It will be installed.
  • Now Go home screen and open app.

AppLock App Summery

Name AppLock
Packege Name com.domobile.applockwatcher
Version 5.6.2
Updated On January 19, 2023
File Size 27.76 MB
Requirment Android Version 4.1
Developed bY DoMobile Lab

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