Hawa WhatsApp

Version : v30

Updated : February 15, 2023

Hawa WhatsApp
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Hawa WhatsApp is the latest innovative app that has taken communication to a whole new level. It has brought the world together by providing users with an easy way to communicate
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About Hawa WhatsApp

Hawa WhatsApp is the latest innovative app that has taken communication to a whole new level. It has brought the world together by providing users with an easy way to communicate with anyone, anywhere in the world.

This revolutionary application offers users a variety of features such as instant messaging, audio and video calls, file sharing, group chat and more. With Hawa WhatsApp, you can easily stay connected with your family and friends regardless of where they are located.

The app is available for both iOS and Android devices allowing users from all around the globe to connect over a secure connection. Hawa WhatsApp also allows users to create custom groups so they can easily communicate with their peers or colleagues without any interruption from outside parties. Moreover, it provides end-to-end encryption which ensures that all chats are kept safe and secure at all times.

What is Hawa WhatsApp?

Hawa WhatsApp is a revolutionary new messaging app that brings an entirely new way to communicate with friends and family. It is the result of innovative technology that comes from the collaboration between Hawa Technologies and Facebook Messenger. This app allows users to send messages, videos, photos and voice recordings in real-time while also providing a secure environment for communication.

The key difference between Hawa WhatsApp and other messaging apps is its focus on security and privacy. All conversations are encrypted end-to-end using the latest encryption standards, making it impossible for anyone else to read your messages or listen in on calls without permission.

Users can also set up private lock screens so only authorized people can access their conversations. Plus, Hawa WhatsApp offers additional features like group chats and video calling, allowing you to stay connected with those closest to you more easily than ever before!

Features of Hawa WhatsApp

Hawa WhatsApp is an innovative messaging app that provides users with a secure and fast way to communicate. With a host of convenient features, Hawa WhatsApp stands out among other messaging apps. Here are some of the top features that make Hawa WhatsApp so attractive:

First, Hawa WhatsApp provides end-to-end encryption for all messages and calls made on the platform. This ensures user privacy and security by preventing any third party from accessing data sent through the app. In addition, it allows up to 256 people in a group chat at once – perfect for large family gatherings or team meetings! And with its easy-to-use interface, users can quickly send photos, videos, documents or voice recordings with one click.

Download Status

We all know that there are times when we want to see someone else’s status. Because of their limitations, older versions of WhatsApp don’t let you download statuses. This version of WhatsApp lets you download status, so you don’t have to worry about that. With this version of WhatsApp, you can now get the status.

Enable Dark Mode

In the latest version of the Hawa WhatsApp APK, there is a crescent moon icon to turn on dark mode and turn off the internet only within the app.

Send Large Files

WhatsApp is a messaging app that is used by more than 1 billion people every day. Both Android and iOS devices can use it. You can talk to friends, family, and coworkers or send large files using this Hawa WhatsApp.

To send a large file, open Hawa WhatsApp and choose the file you want to send. Click the button next to the file, then choose “Send.”

Fully Unlocked

We know that some versions of WhatsApp don’t have all of their features unlocked. People’s accounts are often banned because of this. Users are very upset about being banned from their accounts. In this version of WhatsApp, there are no restrictions at all. With this version of WhatsApp, you don’t have to worry about getting your account banned.

Read Deleted Message

As we know, in the case of WhatsApp’s old version. If your friend sent you messages and then deleted them. You won’t be able to read this message if you are using an older version of WhatsApp. But you don’t have to worry about that here, since you can read the deleted messages if you have this version of Hawa WhatsApp. Because even if someone deletes a message, you will still get it.


In conclusion, Hawa WhatsApp is a great app for people who want to stay connected with their friends and family. It offers unique features such as free messaging, voice and video calls, group chats, and end-to-end encryption that make it an ideal communication tool for users of all ages. Moreover, the user interface is easy to use and its wide compatibility across different platforms makes it highly accessible. However, its lack of support for other languages besides English may put off some potential users.

How To Download Hawa WhatsApp

Android is, for the most part, an open platform. You can use the Google Play Store to install apps and games or you can go off the reservation and install APKs on your own. By default, Android disables APK installations for security reasons. To Download any Third Party apk you need to enabled Apk installation on your device. Follow the instruction below :

  • First, Download Hawa WhatsApp Apk File.
  • Open your phone's settings menu
  • Tab Security.
  • Tap on "Install unknown apps."
  • Enable the toggle next to “Allow from this source.”
  • Go Back to Apk File (you download few times ago)
  • Double Click on Hawa WhatsApp Apk
  • Tab Install & It will be installed.
  • Now Go home screen and open app.

Hawa WhatsApp App Summery

Name Hawa WhatsApp
Packege Name Not on PlayStore
Version v30
Updated On February 15, 2023
File Size 64 MB
Requirment Android Version 4.5+
Developed bY - Unknown Developer

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