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Version : 2.1.8

Updated : February 7, 2023

Mango live
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Mango live is a revolutionary new streaming platform that has recently taken the world by storm. With Mango live, users have access to a wide variety of content from
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About Mango live

Mango live is a revolutionary new streaming platform that has recently taken the world by storm. With Mango live, users have access to a wide variety of content from around the world. From movies and TV shows to sports, music, and more, there’s something for everyone to enjoy on this innovative streaming platform.

Not only does Mango live offer an impressive library of content but it also allows users to interact with each other through its unique social networking feature. This feature makes it easy for people all over the world to connect with one another while they watch their favourite shows or participate in virtual events. Additionally, users can even collaborate on projects such as podcasts or videos right within the platform itself. This makes Mango Live an ideal platform for anyone looking for a comprehensive entertainment experience.

Stream Live Anytime Anywhere!

You can show off your skills to the world by going live online at any time and from anywhere. There are also a ton of other cool features that will make you go crazy.

We know that SOME of what Mango Live does can be done by other social media apps. But it also has a lot of other features that other tools and apps can only touch on.

One of the easiest ways to move your life online is to use Mango Live. You can always talk to your friends and family for free, no matter how far away they are.

You can also watch other people who are broadcasting live. Find out what’s going on in your friends’ and strangers’ lives. Why not join an online clan or make your own? This makes the Mango Live platform for online socializing even better.

Add something extra with virtual gifts. Use animated gifts to show how you feel. You can also get gifts from other people, which you can turn into real cash. Just think, you could be the next big thing on social media and make real money at the same time!

Make sure you look good for the picture. And if you aren’t looking your best, the beautifying will fix that in a hurry! When you go live, beauty effects make you look better. Like live news anchors, make yourself even more appealing and charming to your audience.

Features of Mango live

Mango live is a revolutionary new streaming platform that has recently become available to viewers across the world. The platform offers users an immersive and interactive experience through its cutting-edge features, designed to make watching content more enjoyable than ever before. Here are just some of the features that make to stand out from the crowd.

One of Mango lives most alluring features is its advanced personalization capabilities, allowing users to tailor their viewing experience according to their individual preferences. From being able to select between multiple languages and subtitles, or choosing specific genres and topics for tailored recommendations, viewers can get exactly what they want with This APK.

The platform also boasts a wide range of exclusive content; from high-quality movies and TV series to unique web shows, there’s something for everyone on.

Mango Live Tv

Mango Live TV is here to provide you with the best in live entertainment. With its unique streaming platform, you can watch your favourite shows on any device. The app offers a wide range of live TV channels from all genres including news, sports, music, movies and much more.

You can easily access Mango Live TV from either your smartphone or tablet. All you need is an internet connection and then you can start watching all the exciting content available at your fingertips instantly. Mango also features exclusive content for its subscribers as well as special discounts for frequent viewers. With so many great features, it’s no wonder why Mango Live TV is becoming increasingly popular among users across the world.

So if you are looking for a fun and convenient way to stay entertained on the go then be sure to check out Mango Live TV today!


In conclusion, Mango Live is a fantastic app for anyone looking to connect with their community and learn something new. It’s easy to use, incredibly engaging and provides endless opportunities for learning about virtually anything. You can watch live streams, access pre-recorded content, and even interact with the hosts in real-time. With its growing library of content, is sure to become an invaluable source of information and entertainment.

How To Download Mango live

Android is, for the most part, an open platform. You can use the Google Play Store to install apps and games or you can go off the reservation and install APKs on your own. By default, Android disables APK installations for security reasons. To Download any Third Party apk you need to enabled Apk installation on your device. Follow the instruction below :

  • First, Download Mango live Apk File.
  • Open your phone's settings menu
  • Tab Security.
  • Tap on "Install unknown apps."
  • Enable the toggle next to “Allow from this source.”
  • Go Back to Apk File (you download few times ago)
  • Double Click on Mango live Apk
  • Tab Install & It will be installed.
  • Now Go home screen and open app.

Mango live App Summery

Name Mango live
Packege Name
Version 2.1.8
Updated On February 7, 2023
File Size 90.81 MB
Requirment Android Version 5.0
Developed bY Mango live

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